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To the "Yayas" i will remember

Here's to my friends from yesterday,
together with whom memories were always sweet
and things we talked about over and over again
here's to the carols we sang
on a chilly december evening,
the end of a good year, we didnt realise that time
here's to our silly jokes and laughter
to the food, good food we ate,
and the drinks that lifted the weight off our heads
to the simple joys of friendship-
it kept us going from day to day;
Here's to the tears we shared,
all the heartaches we poured
and the "i'll be here" moments we said
here's to the time & trials that tested us,
to the strangers who became our friends
to the train trips we'd taken,
(and with apology to Dar),
the Vikram moment i'll never forget,
to the first flight home we gleefully flew
to the innocence we shared-
and we felt like a-crying when it was gone
Here's to the steps you taught me-
here's to you guys who will always be mine
here's to the good times that will always be
here's to us, t…