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Time has wings

I really couldn't wait to grow up! 
You know, have my dreams accomplished, 
and live my life just the way I'd planned.
But it seems I grew up too soon (or so, it seems)
And it's not the same I thought it would be.
I realized time has wings.
No, wait! I'm getting older everyday...
and life has become too busy-
When, all I'd hoped for, was a day I could be free.
A day I could leisurely spend and watch the sun go down...
But I'm running after time everyday!
It gives me a good race and I can't beat it sometimes.
Well, most of the time...
I am breathless, I want more time!
More time, not only for work, for social obligations...
but more time for friendship & simple things in life.
For leisure, for travel, or simply to spend time with family.
Time grows wings, it keeps flying higher to the skies...
I wish I can hold it and keep it caged in my custody.
I would grow enough roses, its scent, sufficient enough to fill the air.


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