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That Little Thing called Love

Few things in life are permanent. Like love that never fails when everything else does. Love, that can raise you up and lift your spirits when you feel like you are down the drains. It is the only permanent thing in this world that is quite enough to help you get through another day.
Because love changes you in ways more than one and makes you want to be a better person. It gives you a chance to accommodate the needs and dreams of another person other than yourself, and allows you to extend greater kindness that you never knew you’re capable of.
Love extracts from us, a will that is stronger than we can imagine; courage that lies buried inside of us until somebody special comes along and we are capable of daring and risking. Such power that it engulfs us with the passion to take the road less traveled, even if it means losing some less important trophies in life because the prize you’re holding on to, is worth much more than all other things.
Such a little word used too often, but absolutely the most powerful thing that can transform your life, shape your destiny and reap you a lifetime of happiness if only we knew the power of love. But how does this beautiful mystery work? Love, that many of us fail to understand when it starts to hurt and we begin to question. The amazing fact is that all other emotions are fleeting and never ever permanent. We may feel anger, fear, pain, shame, hurt, or anything else that isn’t love but they never last.
Love is that extraordinary emotion that is capable of erasing all the things that can injure our souls. For the simple fact that a word said, or a deed done out of love can magically conquer a hurting moment, is proof enough that love is the greatest gift we can share with people around us.
If in silly, little instances of love, we can already find happiness that’s capable of surmounting the ugly circumstances, then, there is nothing that love cannot do. For change, progress, development, and for our ultimate quest for life, which is happiness, love is all we need. For when love surfaces, all other things like cheating, unfaithfulness, hatred, jealousy, anger, revenge, etc squander.
Yes, they say Valentine’s Day is for lovers. But I am sure this doesn’t mean love is confined only to those couples who claim to have found their soul mates. Because then, love would be flawed and limited. More importantly, because love is for everyone, especially those who are willing to open their hearts and accommodate somebody else’s happiness, simply by way of sharing and that somebody doesn’t necessarily have to be your so called soul mate. 
Nonetheless, let our love for that special someone or love for our people, our society, our land and our own selves be reason enough to make us agents of change. The kind of change, that we all aspire for…but can only come from love. 


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