Life goes on....

Sometimes you question life but the answers never come.

It is simple when you are a child. Full of life, full of dreams, and you’re content...really happy too! Scraped knees hurt only for a while…You hurt but you forget, and you’re back to smiling, back to living….you seize life effortlessly, and you just get on with it.

Childhood’s so precious don’t you think?

But we never realize.

When we are small we never realize that life is too short and every moment counts…everything feels like an illusion, a magical world but it’s only because we just know how to live it to the full when we are children…

SOMEDAY, everything changes. You are older and the picture is different. You are happy and you are sad! Happiness fleets and the pain lingers…
The past never changes, and each time you resolve to make every minute count, something happens that you don’t understand.

You lose people. People, you thought would be around all your life…those, you joked with, talked with, laughed with, walked with and shared life with.

Some, family.
Some, friends.
Some, special people.

Some loved ones die. They just go before you and leave you behind, scared, sad, perplexed and wondering.

Some leave…
Just like that, they leave you with a lot to think about. Sometimes with full of questions (or moments to remember…bittersweet!) Life changes. People change. You go your own separate ways. You live your own lives. Childhood friends, high-school friends, college friends, professional friends…they come & go. Only a few go a long long way with you.

ONE DAY, you are living on the edge.
Life is beautiful, life is short, life is fleeting, life is sweet, life is bitter, life is mundane, life is thrilling, life is ironic, life is frustrating, life is trying, life is fun, life is one, two many things, feelings, emotions and experiences.

You make mistakes, maybe you have regrets, maybe you learn….you fall, you pick strength, you go on…you dream, you walk, you run, you fly….you try, you achieve, you succeed….you feel good, you feel bad, you disappoint, you love, you hurt, you cry…you long, you despair….you feel.

We lose people we love. Perhaps, we make the BIGGEST blunders in life. We enjoy the sunshine. We also need the rain sometimes. We dream, we hope, we pray!

But it’s still hard to forgive.
Make peace. Understand. Or just truly live….

and yet, Life goes on…
(Truth is, it’s just too short to stop living) 


James said…
Nice post,a s always.

"Life goes on" sounds casual but is with an attitude to live on

Thanks for sharing.

Rita Krocha said…
Thank You James :-)

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