Friends Forever

I remember making my first friend in Kindergarten; how in sheer innocence we held hands and walked to school together. And then my neighbourhood playmate, from whom, I probably started learning Tenyidie.
One can never forget special ties that result from playing, learning and working together- friends you’ve made in your childhood, in high school, in college, in your work place, or in all the unassuming places.
The amazing fact is that you don’t agree upon becoming friends in an instance of meeting a person for the first time. But along the way, you get connected and you eventually realize they are special people, holding special places in your heart.
That’s how we start bonding with friends, who, sometimes become larger and bigger than family. And for reasons too sweet, I am sure, at some point of time, we had also sworn to be friends forever, or perhaps thought in our minds to keep this bond alive come what may!
But it’s also true that some of them go away, but not without leaving a trace behind. And yet there are some special few who continue to stay, those we also choose to keep for life. They are not only fair weathered friends, but people we rely on. People, who make us feel at home, people who let us be just the way we are, people who have won our trust, those we remember in our times of happiness or sorrow, in need or in pain, in disappointment or in joy, people we can be casual about with; they, who are part of our lives in such significant ways.
These are people who see us through, who touch our lives by simply being there, who are there to listen, to share, and to talk with.
How can we forget them who give us a new zest for living everytime we are down? Those, who pick us up from the drains and tell us we are worth and deserving of all the good things in life. Who, you just know would be there for you anytime of the day or night, who make you laugh, sing and dance, and one, who wouldn’t trade you for any wealth in the world!
Our friends will always mean something special to us. Friends from long ago and friends from today, friends we’ve lost to death, to distance, to time or circumstances, friends we have kept regardless of anything at all, friends from the store, from the streets, from the neighborhood, friends from being school mates, college mates, university mates or workmates, friends from good times or difficult days, friends, in whatever form they may come, they have a piece of our heart.
And deep down, we know “they” make all the differences in our lives. And that’s why, friendship is worth celebrating….it is the spice of life! Friends are the flowers that bloom in all the seasons; they are the ones who make the rough patches in life worth going through, and although, some of them might be out of reach today, they have, all the same, added joy to living.
Because in whatsoever way or time they come into our lives, they leave imprints behind, and for some special reason, for a smile, a hug, for lending an ear, a hand, for lifting a burden and adding a measure of happiness, they become our friends forever, not necessarily defined by time, but deep feelings of the heart. 


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