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To Women, the Beautiful Species!

She carries her strength in places they never knew existed; in the confines of adversity where hope fails and fate twists. She is the image of beauty; the wonderful creation of God, whose natural gifts blesses a home.
She is the face of love that naturally fits into a child’s life. Traits so inherent in her from small, girlish days, it stays with her through and through. She is the love’s eye that cares for simple, little things in life. That she sprinkles kindness in the steps that lead her. And she enjoys affection as much as she loves giving.
She is the symbol of the softer side of humanity that her touch has the power to heal. Hurts and wounds that find us in many circumstances and leave us yearning. She is the song, the perfect music that fills many empty hearts, and she, carries with her, a heart that cries easily, but always because she cares too deeply.
For people, for strangers, for children, for things miles and miles away. She’s always got emotions running high on her, and she could break, melt or fall easily but never leaves without giving.
The measure of her love is not in the stretch of her legs, not in the years of formal education that she pursued, not in her outer appearance, the make ups or clothes that she wears, but in her heart that so often find things to love.
And that, it is extended to flowers that grow in her hands, greeting a home each new day. It is felt in one two many ways, in our everyday meals, in just an extended hand that reaches out and touches our lives in several ways.
She is the image of immense strength, the strength that really enables a home to run on perfect, normal terms. That, all the household chores rest on her shoulders, and even though she may be a working professional and a mother or a sister, she carries it off well.
That it surprises men how she does it in her absence; she is a superwoman on many grounds, filled with too many emotions but knows just how much is enough to make another heart feel lighter.
She, the beautiful creation of God, how a little of her smile can lift the gloom! And the world would be an empty vessel without her.
To all the Beautiful Species called Women, who have the ability to change the world, whose strength will continue to make a difference (although it often goes unnoticed); to Women, whose faith can build a child’s dreams, and whose hearts will always carry love in all the ordinary places.
To Women, who are our mothers, sisters, Aunts and friends; To the amazing species who run our homes and never complain; who will listen and always be there to hear you out, women who care too much and feel too deeply; May they continue to fill our world with beauty, beauty that itself is a gift from God. 


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