The last road trip

To randomly pick a few clothes, pack them in a light travel bag, and hop into a car at the break of a new dawn and it was just 3 days before a new year takes over. The wanderlust in me is insatiable. To leave home only to discover a new place, to experience a new joy, to blend in a new culture, to acquaint myself with a few new faces, to taste a different kind of freedom, just to be out there somewhere I’ve never been gives me indescribable happiness.
And so, the road took me to the wilds. A village almost forgotten by the outside world. One can spot only a few scattered houses but it’s easy to see this place is immensely blessed with very fertile lands. Fields are far and wide. It stretches so far you can’t see the end. And such an afternoon is rare where sunshine lavishly falls and the wind plays a new song.

Photo by Jabu Krocha
Photo by Jabu Krocha
Yet, you can never stay in a place long enough when you are just visiting. So you hit the roads again. Unlike the dusty winter roads, here is a highway of my dreams. Smooth, pleasant and easy to ride on. Early to bed because a more eventful day seems to await.
                               The new day is a Monday and December 30 begins at sunrise. 
Past the foggy roads, past a few scattered villages, past some amusing banners and you start spotting check gates. Not a common sight where you live, so it triggers strange feelings inside you. The sight of fearful army in uniform, but at least the policemen seem to have a more pleasing personality. But after all, your destination is an international border place: MOREH, where the famed trade market lies.
There is a first time for everybody. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this place but when you get there, the excitement grows. It thrills you so much to be in a new place. And we were greeted by the Indo-Myanmar Friendship Gate, where some kind of security still seems to be the norm. 
But to get lost in a shopper’s paradise is equally delightful for a traveler. Though, who knew crossing the Immigration Gate to pay a visit to Tamu in Myanmar would accumulate more excitement. Past that gate and suddenly it strikes you, “right is right” and not “left is right” as far as traffic is concerned. I thought that was the weirdest thing! But we survived the joyride after stopping by at a few interesting places and trying a few snacks.
The ride back was far better. Perhaps it’s also because the road home, somehow, always lightens your heart, regardless of where you have been. 
My last day of 2013 was spent in a leisure trip, and I was home just right on time for new year’s eve. To welcome another year, to refresh my thoughts, to start anew, to dream bigger, to travel even more, so I can sit back at the end of the year and revel on a year gone by.
Photo by Jabu Krocha


Chingri Zimik said…
Loved reading it..beautiful pictures too
Rita Krocha said…
Thanks Chingri :)

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