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I have a Dream

I have a dream that someday our children will grow without the fear of being rape, that violence will be shut off and innocence of our kids will not be taken away.
I have a dream that they will never hear gunshots in the neighborhood while they bask in their childhood glories and their make-believe fairy tales will still be strong enough to make them smile.
I have a dream that someday corruption will be wiped off and things will be fair, that every job will be worth the try.
I have a dream that our politicians will be elected without unfair means, that money will no longer be the vital part of an election.
I have a dream that bribery will no longer be the means to get things done, that someday people will value truth in its truest sense.
I have a dream that our youth will not drown their frustration on alcohol, that they will take chances to fulfill their ambitions.
I have a dream that someday, sincerity will become the theme of the day, that government offices will have employees working genuinely and be worthy of their pay.
I have a dream that someday our roads will be smooth enough to carry a dying patient to a hospital, that our highways and byways will be less bumpy and we would enjoy rides more than we do now.
I have a dream that someday Nagaland will rise above and its slogan 'Nagaland For Christ' will come to mean full circle, that our children will grow in the fear of the Lord.
I have a dream that development in our land will grow as it should, that funds for various schemes and projects will always find its way to the perfect place to start with.
I have a dream that 'commitments' will be strong not only in our lips but from the depths of the heart.
I have a dream that someday, people outside will no longer see Nagaland as a disturbed place but that they will come here seeking for peace.
I have a dream that education will reach the farthest corners of the state, that every child would grow to learn and excel.
I have a dream that someday, we will learn to respect each other, that every kind of profession will find its deserving respect.
I have a dream that 'dignity of labour' will someday be found among the generations and we will shun off laziness for a fulfilling tomorrow.
I have a dream that people will value life more than anything else that surrounds it, that someday killing will die down with our conscience.
I have a dream that 'life threatening letters' will find no place in our land someday, that everybody will freely walk into their homes without the fear of answering another phone call or the fear of hearing knocks on their doors.
I have a dream that child abuse and recruitment of child soldiers will stop, that these children will be given the right to enjoy their childhood.
I have a dream that wild life will flourish, that we will preserve birds and wild animals and live to see the beauty of a green environment.
I have a dream that someday abortion will be non-existence, that pre-marital sex will not be heard of and teenage pregnancy will be rid of.
I have a dream that hunger for power will die down and money will not be the tool anymore to be among the known.
I have a dream that insecurities for the future will be alien to us, that every soul will live with hope from day to day.
I have a dream that someday we will do justice to 'PEACE', that every home will know and feel its essence.
I have a dream that we will never give up on our quest for freedom from social ills.
I have a dream that we will fight on for the rights that every human being deserves.
I have a dream that our children will see the light of tomorrow in a better place and time, with better visions and dreams.

(dreams for "Morung Express' I have a Dream Campaign')


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